Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Venus Bay South Australia

South from Ceduna, 09 and 10th September 2014.

Well we headed off yesterday morning with the only real plan of heading south until we found somewhere we liked, well we eventually ended up a place called Venus Bay, the caravan park is right on the edge of the bay, with some really nice views across the bay to Port Kenny. We chose a site that was sheltered but back from the waters edge, this was just as well as the weather again turned bad, with both wind and rain returning. We managed to catch a short break which gave us time to get the van set up, but the break did not last very long and as has occurred already on several occasions we had to batten down the van hatches for a time.

This photo was taken at Smoky Bay which is just to the south of Ceduna, we originally planed to stay here but it was just to exposed. 

As we were traveling down the Flinders Highway.
Later in the afternoon the rain cleared and we managed to see the sun for a short time, but when the moon came up wow, it was amazing and I manage to get a couple of nice shots.


This morning the weather was a lot calmer and you can hire boats from the caravan park so I hired one for about 3 hours, well out on the bay the water was not as calm as it looked, but I still tried my luck at fishing with no luck. Robyn on the other hand had a great day as she started painting again and had a very relaxing morning. 

 That's me in the boat just below the channel marker.

Robyn totally engrossed!

In the afternoon, as the weather was with us we did a bit of exploring. In this area there a lot of a particular type of fossil called “CLOGS” these are the fossilized cocoons of a weevil, and these are just laying on the ground everywhere around here.

As we were exploring and seeing hundreds of these fossils our path took us up to the top of a bluff and the southern ocean, with some really good surf brakes but at the end of the brake was a 50 meter cliff and a lot of rocks.



Well we are staying here for a few days as they have a deal on stay 4 pay for 3, so we are just going to veg out here for a while.


  1. Sounds like you are having a good time. The weather here has been very ordinary with gale force winds and rain for about the last week. You have a sore tooth (eventually removed ) and you are drinking coke or is it something else. Gaz an Laura climbed the Gloucester tree to day 53 meters (look it up on google)

  2. The photo was taken before I went to the dentist, so there were no additional additives, and the Coke was room temperature.