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Ceduna 6,7,8th September 2014

Ceduna 6, 7, 8th September 2014.
This is a carry over from our trip to the Bight and I forgot to included it sorry I could not resist, I wonder how many members they have??

Well our first night at Ceduna was quite interesting, at about 2100 there was a large amount of noise outside our compound, it sounded as though a car was being taken to with a sledge hammer and there was a lot of yelling and screaming after about an hour all went quite and for the rest of the night it remained that way. The next morning I got up and had a sticky beak to see if there was any debris left in the area but the area was clean as a whistle, so we have no idea what the noisy was all about.

Sunday turned out to be a very windy day and it really restricted our activities as it was really blowing a gale, the water was really rough and you could not find a sheltered spot anywhere, so I was unable to get a spot of fishing in. Due to the wind there was also a large amount of dust around and this affected Rob badly. So Rob got to finish her blanket finally.

We did manage to get out and go for a bit of a drive and you may get an impression of how windy it was from the photos:

 I'm not joking the wind was that strong!!

 The tiles were hand made by local children. Take a look at Robyn's hair again it was windy.

 Even the birds were grounded.

 Robyn took this photo she liked the car.

 Hold up in the van with a tooth ache.

As it was fathers day I suggested to Robyn that we go out for dinner to the local hotel, it was a good move for $20 each we had a 3 course meal, including your choice of 3 roasts and about 10 deserts, (it was also all you can eat), now with this sought of deal you would think that I (Peter) would pig out, well you would be wrong and not for the reason you think, as for the last few days I was getting an intermittent tooth ache and on Sunday night it was very bad and it was painful chewing, so I had to restrain myself mainly through the pain factor ( a bit more on this further down).  It was a very warm night here and it only got down to 16 degrees overnight so it was a bit warmer than what we have experienced so far.

Monday, today was the worst so far the wind was like a force 10 gale and the dust it kicked up was like a sand blaster, (later we did a tour of the Bureau of Meteorology centre here who told us that the average wind speed was 40 knts gusting to 60 which is gale force winds). My tooth was still causing me a lot of problems so I made an appointment to see the local dentist later in the day, the result of this visit is I am now short 1 tooth, at the time of writing the anaesthetic, I am not yet in any pain but I am waiting!!!!!!
We did manage to take a look around today in spite of the wind and a temperature of 35 deg, and we went to the local museum I would strongly recommend that if you are coming through this way you take the time to go through it, the items on the site are many and varied and the entry fee was only $4.00 per adult, they had a great display of memorabilia from Maralinga , I have put a couple of pictures in but there was just so much there to look at, note before you come make a phone call to the Information Centre to check opening times. Robyn wanted to go and visit the Ceduna Aboriginal Arts & Culture Centre which is Aboriginal owned and sells artwork on behalf of all artists involved. Robyn met some of the artists that were painting at the centre and also bought some artifacts to ad to her collection.

Just an indication of some of the stuff they have in the museum.

 Some of the electronic stuff from Maralinga there was also some items from Skylab.

Stuff in one of the sheds and there were several sheds.

Well tomorrow morning we are headed off back to the south and we don’t know where we will stop yet but will post from wherever we land, bye for now Robyn and Peter.

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