Thursday, September 4, 2014

Streaky Bay 2nd to 4th September

Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th September 2014

Well here we are at Streaky Bay we arrived early afternoon on Tuesday this allowed us time to get everything set up and take a look around, surprising to say that the place is generally the same as we remember it when we were here with the Andrew and Kimberley about 15years ago. The caravan park is a lot bigger now and we estimate that it is about 3 times the size it was, it has a number of self contained cabins and hotel style accommodation most of these have sweeping views of the bay. There are a number of caravan sites also situated right on the edge of the water and even though we are back 1 row we still have a reasonable view. They had a special offer when we booked in stay for 3 pay for 2 so we took them up on the offer and stayed the extra night.

The view from the our site prior to the sites opposite being occupied.

 Some of the locals (showing my (Peter) artistic talents - note the reflection)

I tried a spot of fishing while we were here and I am sure nature is out to get me, I was near the boat ramp and getting a few bites and finally hooked a fish then to my surprise a bloody seal turned up and stole it, well needless to say I had no further luck, so off I toddled to another location and started hooking up on some slimy mackerel, then the cormorants showed up and keep taking the fish I had caught and was reeling in. I surrendered and gave up (for the time being).

We are still getting some of the weather coming over from WA and yesterday we had intermittent rain, and then the southerly blast arrived and I think the wind chill factor was about -5 it was dam cold.

Today was more pleasant and it was a beautiful sunny day there was still a bit of wind blowing but nowhere near as cold as yesterday. We decided to take a look around the national park, which takes in the blow and whistling holes, as you can guess so named because the sea breaks in underwater caves and forces either air or water through the holes in the rock. The sound at the whistling holes is a bit eerie as it sound as though the earth is breathing. 

 Looked like a nice spot for a photo.

 Rob found her lizard.

 Another nice spot for a photo.

 Rob's turn at being artistic.

 The water was so clear here, it is just amazing.
 Some of the tracks were a bit rough and narrow.

 When we arrived back at the caravan we relaxed for a little while and then I started to sort things out, as we are pulling out tomorrow morning, any way to cut a long story short I ended up at the local hospital having a 2 inch cut to my head attended to (Caravan awning 1, Peter Nil) no I don't have a picture.

Well we are off to Fowlers Bay tomorrow morning which is about half way between Ceduna and the Head of the Bight, so depending on wi-fi reception we will update you from there.

See you on the next page Rob and Peter.

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  1. You didn't say anything about the head on the phone. Looks like you are having a good time anyway. Safe travels Di and Dave