Friday, September 12, 2014

Still at Venus Bay

Well we are still here at Venus Bay and will be for another couple of days, there is quite a lot to look at around the area and yesterday we headed down to Elliston and did the self drive tour around the coastline, this is about 12 kms in length and is mostly dirt road, which surprisingly is reasonably good, this drive takes in the south east edge of the Great Australian Bight, and there are a number of sculpture artworks placed at various locations on the drive. At Elliston there is also a fantastic bakery if you are ever in the area give it a try (I loved their chunky meat pie).

From Elliston we headed back north to the Talia caves and a location called the Tub. Guess which is which from the pictures. Again the wind as blowing a gale and coming in from the west, this is probably part of the system that Dave and Di were getting in WA, but this provided some great photo opportunities.

                                     The Tub .

 Talia Caves

We arrived back at the van at about 1500 and as Robyn relaxed, I decided to try my luck at fishing from the local pier, well I finally had some minor success and caught a nice whiting of about 34cm and a tommy ruff.

Today was a beautiful day with the morning very calm and the sun shinning brightly so we decided to have a bum around day and relax (as if we are not already relaxed enough) but we had some washing and other things to do and this gave us   the opportunity to catch up.

Later in the day the weather was still looking good so I thought I would try fishing from the pier again, the sun was still shining but the wind had picked up again so fishing was near impossible on top of this we had a visit from a seal and pod of dolphins, so for some reason the fishing was terrible, any way there is always tomorrow. 

Speaking of tomorrow we are heading north for part of the day to see the rocks they are called the “Haystacks” and then to the sea lion colony.

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  1. Looking good guys. We tried a bit of fishing yesterday and today no real luck a few small ones. Laura bagged a 35cm black bream.