Saturday, August 30, 2014

Arrival at Coffin Bay

Saturday 30th August 2014 Coffin Bay.
We headed off from Port Lincoln this morning, and doing the usual check around the van found out that the left hand blinker was not working, so had to do a bit of trouble shooting to sort the problem out. Anyway we finally headed off about 30 minutes late, it is only a short drive to Coffin Bay from Port Lincoln, and all the way Robyn was looking or Emu’s as we were advised that they were all over the roads, well we did see them, when we arrived at the caravan park along with a lot of kangaroos.

The park is nicely set out with a large number of sites, and at the moment it is not overly busy as you can see, but I recon during the warmer months you would not be able to move in the place, the amenities here look to be almost brand new.

I have also heard so much about the Coffin Bay oysters I had to try them, they deserve their reputation they are huge and are the best I have ever tasted, they tasted even better when you are sitting on the pier with a beer chaser.
p.s hows the controllers conference going!

Some of the local views.

Tomorrow we are heading into the Coffin Bay National park for the day so we will post more of our trip then.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Burra and Eyre Pennisula

Sunday 24th August to Friday 29th August 2014

Burra and Eyre Peninsula SA.
We are heading back towards the Eyre Peninsula about 2 years ago we traveled this way and stayed for a number of days Port Lincoln, which is a beautiful location. On this trip we plan to spend a couple of days at Burra as we had been through the town on a number of occasions and never really looked around, our plan was then to head back to the Eyre Peninsula and check out the area in a bit more detail so here we gooooooooo.

We headed off first thing Sunday 24th August and traveled to Burra the trip took about 6.5 hours at a relaxing pace and we arrived at the Caravan park at about 1500hrs this gave us plenty of time to set up and settle in, it also gave us a little time to take a quick look around. The days were beautiful and sunny with a light wind but the nights were freezing, and in the morning there was a lot of low cloud it was like a pea soup fog, but as the sun came up it started burning off. We finally had our chance to take a look around, we went to the Information Centre and they told us about a self guided tour where you are given a key and you can let yourself into a number of locations and just take your own time to look around, this is a great way to explore and we had a lot of fun, the pass is valid for 12 months so if you don’t have enough time you can always go back and pick up where you left off from.
This is the mine taken from the top of the old 3 story pump house, the water you see is ground water and not captured rainfall.

 This is another one of the other pump house buildings located around the site.

  I could not resist, these were located at one of the museums.

 A misty morning over the Burra caravan park.

Tuesday morning we headed of for our next stop which was Whyalla, when we arrived this time it was sunny with no wind (different from the last time we were there when the van nearly blew away, we had a similar site to last time which was right down at the waters edge with lovely views out over the sea. This caravan park is a nice place to stay just to enjoy the ambiance. The car is starting to worry me at the moment as when you start it after it has been sitting there is a cloud of smoke from the exhaust, I’ll make a phone call to my mechanic when I get to Port Lincoln.

 The van on our site at Whyalla. Great views.

Wednesday morning we were off again and heading south towards Port Lincoln, on the way we stopped of at Arno Bay, this is quiet little spot off the main road with a nice caravan park right on the edge of the beach, this would be a great spot to spend a few days just to unwind, there is a small general store and the ubiquitous pub. The beaches were a little foul with weed but were not too bad.  We continued on from Arno Bay to Port Lincoln and we again stopped at the local caravan park, this time we were higher up the hill on a drive through concrete site which was very spacious, and excellent views of the bay, all service connections are also provided and this includes TV aerial outlet (ensure you have a male plug for the connection). We will be spending 3 nights here looking around before heading off. In relation to the car have spoken to my mechanic and he seems to think the problem is with the seals around the turbo, and has provided advise that seems to be working at the moment.

Thursday at Port Lincoln, today we awoke early to undertake the more mundane chores of washing clothes for those that don’t know if you don’t get a washing machine early you have to wait in line to use one. With the menial task out of the way we decided to head to the National Park for the afternoon, on the way out we decided to have fish and chips for lunch so we went to a little place that was recommended to us this place had some of the best fish and chips I have ever had Rob had a piece of crumbed Flake and it looked like a whole fillet, me I had the Hoki, (should have gone for the Flake) we can't remember the name but it is on the road to Coffin Bay right opposite the race track. After lunch we headed off to the National Park which was were we spent most of the afternoon, just relaxing on the beach (which was great as we were the only ones their) looking out over the turquoise water with the warm rays of the sun streaming down …… ops sorry having my poetic moment.
Who’s taking the photo’s? 

 The sites are great with very nice views.

Friday our last day at Port Lincoln today so we are just relaxing and doing nothing in particular I went into town this morning and bought a few items then went and had my skinny latte which I enjoyed while taking a little walk along the pier, the water was so clear that a large school of squid was visible (and I did not have my rod with me no fresh calamari tonight), well tomorrow morning we are heading off to Coffin Bay, stay tuned for more, by for now Robyn and Peter.