Friday, September 19, 2014

Last day at Wilpena Pound

Today is our last day at Wilpena Pound, and I must admit I am a little disappointed with the area. I know nothing remains the same and things change but some things should be maintained at a reasonable level, especially when you pay top dollar for a powered site. The facilities are really feeling their age. I was also surprised with the number of goats even around the camp ground.

 Yes there are still a couple of kangaroos around the caravan park.

 There are numerous goats in the area.


Some of the area's were heavily eroded by the flash flooding during May.

Road works.

As it was our last full day we decided to have eggs and bacon done over the camp fire for breakfast something we have not been able to do at other caravan parks, and they were great.


But it was still enjoyable and off we went to find the location of the Ediacra marker (if you don’t know what this is now is a good time to look it up), anyway this according to my maps was just to the north of the old Beltana roadhouse so off we went just to the north of Parachlina we came across what we though were road works but actually turned out to be a film crew, we don’t know what they were filming but it looked like it involved a Triton ute, well were unable to locate the road and eventually ended up at Leigh Creek, and this time we managed to have a look around. As you may be aware it is a mining town and it is laid out very well with a number of parks, and it has all the services you require. We took lunch with us and decided to have lunch in one of the parks, the weather was beautiful and it was a great location for a break.


On the way back we decided, rather than drive back to Hawker we would turn off at Parachlina and take the Parachlina – Blinman gorge, the track was dirt and in places was a bit rough, it also did not help that they were undertaking road works and in these sections it was go very very slowly, and again there were goats everywhere in the gorge, just as we were coming into Blinman we had a bit of a shock as a number of camels were wandering just off the track, I didn’t know that they came down this far.



We came across large numbers of emu’s and kangaroos all the way down the highway  between Blinman and Wilpena Pound so it took me nearly and hour and a half to drive the 54 kms.

This was dad protecting his kids.
 Two of the kids

Tomorrow we have decided to make our way back to Adelaide and spend a few days looking around.

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