Monday, September 1, 2014

Day 2 and 3 from Coffin Bay

Coffin Bay day 2 and 3.
Yesterday we went into the Coffin Bay National Park, I think every plant that was in there was flowering and my hay fever went ballistic, but it is very scenic and reminds me a lot of Frazer Island, as there are large sand dues that are creeping inland, the beaches are also pristine with long stretches of white sand, and in most cases you have the place to yourself. Again we were looking for wildlife and much to Rob’s disgust, it stayed hidden and for the whole afternoon we saw only 2 emu’s, not even a lizard.
The cliffs along this section are quite spectacular and in some locations you can see the remnants of an old forest now petrified.

 Some of the exposed limestone cliffs.

If you look closely to the center of the picture you can see what looks like sticks in the ground this is part of the petrified forest.

This is looking along one of the several beaches.

This is one of the defined camp sites in the national park the sites are quite large and would take a reasonable sized van, there are long drop toilets at various locations around the campsite.

Today was more mundane with home duties to be undertaken, as we had the usual clothes washing to do, and about 30min after we hung the washing out we copped the rain that David and the group had on their travels through WA, so we had to convert the van into a drying room so I improvised a clothes line. Rob spent the rest of the day doing here crocheting and has nearly finished her blanket.

 The rain came:

Our van had the feel of a laundry.
Just after lunch I had my leave pass to go fishing, so off I went to the local pier, here I dropped a line for a short time and I caught the biggest crabs I have ever seen, correction I hooked the  biggest crab I have ever seen you may get an impression of the size from the photo. This was the only luck I had here due to the wind, so I changed location and had fun hooking a number of slimmery mackerel of which I keep a couple to use as bait. While I was fishing a small group of dolphins when swimming by. I tried to get a photo on my phone but they did not come out very well.

In almost the centre of the picture you can see a little dot that is a dolphin fin, sorry it was taken on my Iphone.

Today was our last full day here and tomorrow we are heading off to Streaky Bay, so will post more blogs from there, Rob and Peter.

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