Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oodnatta trip

May 2014.

Well we have not been into the site for a little while so here is a short update on what we have done.
During May of this year (2014) we went away with Garry, Sharron, Dave and Dianne, the trip was up to Coober Pedy then across to Oodnadatta, and then down the track through Leigh Creek then to Marree where we were to spend a few nights at a  location called Farina Homestead. We were then to go back up to the Flinders Ranges and see some of the area’s we missed last time. Well to cut a long story short camping in the outback with the bush flies and some of the biggest and ferrous mosquitoes you have ever seen is not for everyone. But on the positive side we got to see the desert area green, that’s right green several weeks before we traveled, the area around Coober Pedy was his by a torrential down pour which caused major flash flooding in the district, some of the locals who had been in the area for more than 40 years stated they had never seen so water and so much green. 

As we were traveling down the track we touched the south edge of Lake Eyre North this also contained water but you had to strain to see it. But we also saw fish in a small creek that ran into the lake; to prove it I have included a picture.
 Yes these really are fish in the middle of a desert!
On our travels we saw a very strange tree just outside William Creek, yes they are dead cats hanging from it! Take a look at the name of the tree.

Lake Eyre in the distance

If you are ever up that way I would recommend a visit to Farina Station which has the remnants of the old township and is situated about 15 km south of Marree, the old ruins here include the hospital, the post office, the railway station and the bakery, which if you are this location during May is actually working and they bake bread in the old wood fired oven and it tastes great (the finger buns are also terrific).

                                      The bed was a bit hard.

                                       You see some strange things in the desert.

                                         I was having a bad day I could not find my dog!

                                       Rob found a new friend.

 These are just a few of the photos we took we traveled nearly 3,000 km in 7 days it was exhausting.
By for now.