Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our last day in the Flinders Ranges

Day 11 and our last day in the Flinders Ranges as tomorrow we start to head home, but today we headed up towards Parachilna on the main road and came across some Wedge-tail eagles that were dinning on road kill Rob being Rob had to stop and take some photos, after this went for a little 4 x 4 adventure along the Geological track and then along the Brachina Gorge Road, then back up Blinman and across to Parachilna, the first part of the road was full of corrugations and my teeth are still chattering, but the trip was fantastic like a travel back in time you really gain an appreciation of how old the land is, Rob has decided to take up a new hobby Palaeontology, and was looking around to see if she could find some fossils (no not me!).

Considering this area is very dry there was water running through the creeks that ran through the gorges,  these creeks contain frogs, YES frogs in the Flinders Ranges.

Guess what we saw, some more emu’s.

At last we made it to the Parachilna Pub we were a bit late for lunch so I could not have my Road Kill, but we did have afternoon tea and David and I had the Feral antipasto, what did it taste like, mmmmmmmmm you will have to go there and try it for yourself.

And last but not least we managed to get a recording from the Seismograph at the local service station for the 4.1 magnitude earthquake that hit near Peterborough on the 5/09/11.

This is the last blog from this trip but stay tuned for our next big adventure.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 11 still at Hawker and still relaxing.

Today was again a quiet day around Hawker (we are on holidays) we had a look at the old Hawker Railway Station, this use to be part of the original Ghan rail line.

We then went back out the road to try to find a location called 5 ways, now on the map it showed 5 roads intersecting at a particular point, well guess what on the ground this is not the case and there is about 50 meters difference, a word of advice don’t always trust what it shows on the map! At this location there is an old homestead and all that remains is the chimney (and not much of that left) the graves in the blog yesterday are some of the family members from this homestead.

The dry creek runs next to the ruins of the homestead but looking at it I would hate to be caught in the river bed during a flash flood it is about 5 meters to the top of the bank from the river bed, erosion is a bit of a problem around this area by the looks of the creek banks.

Rob was quick with the camera and managed to get this shot of a small dust devil or Willy Willy.

You can just see the Willy will between the trees.

Swan Hill with mountains.

Well tomorrow is the big day we are off to Parachilna me for my Road Kill lunch and Rob for her ham and salad sandwich! (will let you know tomorrow what it was like.............. maybe)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 10 relaxing day at Hawker and surounds

Another exhausting day on our travels, today we went up to the Jarvis Hill Lookout which is only a few kilometres from Hawker, the climb to the top of the hill was a bit of a challenge for Rob but she took to the challenge and although all the others beat us to the top we made it, slow and steady was the way to go.

Rob the great expidition leader

Once on top the views of the surrounding area were magnificent, we even met and old friend on the way to the top (ok it may not have been the same lizard!).

We then went for a bit of a drive to the north of Hawker, and found some very old graves dating back to the late 1800’s I said in my last blog that it must have been a tough life and when you read the ages on some of the grave stones it was no place for young children.

On arrival back at base camp, (sounds like an expedition hu!) Rob found a lost soul, he was very hungry and thirsty so Rob being the good neighbour gave him some food and water (you can’t see it in the photo but it was definitely a male).

(For those who don't know this is a FERRETT)

Opps almost forgot this one just a sample of some of the beautiful desert flowers.

Keep posted for our futher exploits on pattostravels from Parachilna where Peter will attempt the Road Kill lunch!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 8 and 9 Hawker and Quorn

We arrived at the Hawker caravan park yesterday and after setting the van up and doing our washing we had a relaxing day with a short walk around the town and finally found the elusive Sturt Desert Pea, such a beautiful flower for such an arid environment.

Today we headed of to Quorn for our ride on the Pichi  Richi railway this ran from Quorn to Woolshed Flat and took about an hour each way and was a very relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning.
Afterwards we had lunch at the Emporium in Quorn which appeared to be a converted haberdashery. Rob also had to check out the 2 local art galleries so she was in her element, we also had to take a look at some of the old buildings in town which are beautifully made with the local stone.


Main Street of Quorn at 2:30 pm Sunday

On the way back to Hawker we stopped at an only homestead ruins called Kaynaka Homestead this was built in the 1800’s and again using local stone, the homestead consisted of about 8 to 10 buildings and a massive woolshed and shearers quarters, the early settlers must have been tough to live in this environment.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 7 Last day at Wilpena Pound

Today was our last full day at Wilpena Pound so off we went on a little trip to a little town up the road called Blinman, this is a quaint little place with the usual facilities for any country town, the Pub, General Store, dog wandering up the middle of the main road, and a tennis court, and guess what more emu’s.

The town was also equipped the latest modern telephone system, Rob tried to phone home and got a sore hand winding the generator, for some reason there was no answer.

I found the caravan park very interesting!!! (make up your own mind).

Tomorrow we are heading off to Hawker for a continuation of our exploits so we will keep you posted from there.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 6 and our trip to Arkaroo Rock

Day 6 of our adventure and today we undertook the arduous rock hike to the Arkaroo Rock site which contains aboriginal rock paintings from the Adnyamathanha tribe.

In some area’s the hills were quite steep and rocky but Rob managed ok with the assistance of her new best friend a tree branch which she used for a walking stick.

At the painting site we met some young German tourists who had been in Australia for about a year and were on a working holiday (that the reason both Rob and myself are in one of the photo’s together).

On the way down we met this very friendly lizard who just did not want to get off the path and I nearly stood on him. He then sat there with his head held high and promptly posed for the picture.

Now we will sign off for today as we are off for happy hour.