Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our last day at Venus Bay

Well we are still at Venus Bay, this is our last full day here and when we woke up it was reasonably calm this changed within an hour and a strong northerly hit us with some major wind gusts, so the awning came in, the outside mat was packed away and any other loose items was secured or put away. We decided that we weren’t going to let the weather ruin our last day, so we hoped in the car and headed to the sea lion colony at Pt Labatt which is about 50 km’s from Venus Bay, this drive also takes in a location called Murphy’s Haystacks, these are pink granite rock formations that have been weathered over time to various shapes, and they reminded me of the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island. This drive took us most of the afternoon but at least we managed to get out and about.

 This is our site at the Venus Bay Caravan Park (4) very well protected in all but a northerly wind.

 See if you can spot the seals, the observation platform is at the top of a 50 metre cliff.

 Where's Robyn?

Last night we decided that we would have a break from cooking and go to the pub for tea, now the only hotel in the area is at Port Kenny, so off we went a little dubious, this was as we later found out to be totally unwarranted, the pub has a real rustic charm to it and from the dinning room you look straight out over Venus Bay, the meal was excellent (chicken schnitzel) and the salads were old style served in large glass bowls, they even had devilled eggs which I have not seen for some time, if you are passing though this way I would recommend the food, we also had some early entertainment as a netball group from Ceduna did a pit stop at the pub and some of them did an impromptu bar dance, and they were dammed noisy, lucky for us this only lasted for about 10 minutes and then they all piled back into the bus and headed back home. We were also very lucky in that we arrived early for dinner and as we were leaving we heard that the locals who had been attending the footy at Wundinna were due to arrive back in about an hour, (we forgot it was a Saturday night) but anyway the meal was great.

Tomorrow we are heading off and we have made a decision to go back to Wilpena Pound so will keep you posted from there. Bye for now Peter and Robyn.

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